Travelling in Northern Spain

Often when people think of visiting Spain they have images of little white villages with picturesque windows framed by bright geranium flower pots. They think of the green Mediterranean Sea and dark-haired women in ruffled flamenco dresses. This does exist in Spain of course, but only in the south. The north is a totally different world. In the north of Spain you will find green rolling hills dotted with cattle, the majestic peaks of the Pyrenees mountains, rugged coastlines, colourful fishing villages, the undisputed best wine region of Spain, world renowned gourmet chefs and restaurants not to mention three distinct languages and cultures to learn and explore.

The beauty of Spain is its diversity. Each region has its own style, culture and history. The north is less explored and yet offers some of the best that Spain has to offer in architecture, art, nature, food and wine.  


What to do in Northern Spain