Gourmet express—eating well on the run

Cobb Moss serves gourmet to go.

Cobb Moss serves gourmet to go.

Grab a healthy lunch to go

Meals in Spain are usually all about taking your time, savouring the food and catching up with your friends. Meals can easily run on for 3 hours and you will almost never be asked to hurry to make the table available for the next group. It is not only acceptable but rather part of the weavings of society that you stay in the restaurant for as long as you would care to drag it out. That part of the culture works exceptionally well when getting together with family and friends, but there may be times that you want to grab something quickly; especially if you want to fit in all your sightseeing.

In our world eating fast is often synonymous with unhealthy. Where can you go if you want excellent taste, quality and a healthy choice of authentic Spanish cuisine?

Cobb Moss serves healthy to-go

Cobb Moss serves healthy to-go

Cobb Moss

Cobb Moss to the rescue. Here you don’t have to sacrifice taste or quality just because it is served quickly.

Cobb Moss specializes in healthy. Their ingredients are fresh and organic starting with their roasted chickens. You will find other Spanish staples here as well: tortilla de patata, empanada and grilled vegetables.

Yesterday I sampled a few dishes from Cobb Moss and here is my takeaway on their takeaway food:

Roasted Chicken

Roasted chicken by Cobb Moss

I had to get their chicken as it is Cobb and Moss's signature dish. (Cobb and Moss are both types of  hens—so starting with their name you know they are serious about chicken)

The chicken is basted in its own juices and then mixed with oregano, rosemary, thyme and basil. The effect is delicious. The roasted chicken is very tender and juicy—yet crispy on the outside.

Baked potatoes topped with an array of spices.

Baked potatoes topped with an array of spices.

Roasted Potatoes

I also tried baked potatoes. Each potato comes with a layer of spices basted on top and is sliced so you can easily open it up and eat it. What a wonderful idea to serve the chicken with baked potato instead of the usual serving of greasy fries you get in most roast chicken shops.

Grilled vegetables with chickpeas, an tasty combination

Grilled vegetables with chickpeas, an tasty combination

Grilled Vegetables with chickpeas

The grilled vegetables with chickpeas were as tasty as they were colourful. I had carrots with pumpkin—roasted chickpeas were then sprinkled in and mixed with the vegetables as well. The vegetables are choosen with care from whatever is fresh and in season.  

Cornation chicken from Cobb Moss

Coronation chicken

And then came my personal favourite—Coronation Chicken. This is a chicken curry dish that deserves a standing ovation. A thin layer of Nora (sushi wrapping), a layer of rice, fresh spinach leaves and topped with a chicken curry. It was a mild curry, but flavourful.

So if you are on the run, but don’t want to skimp on taste or quality you can’t go wrong with Cobb Moss.


You will find Cobb Moss in the Gourmet Experience section in El Corte Ingles on the Paseo de Castellana.  C/Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, 79

Web:  www.cobbmoss.es  Facebook: @COBBMOSS  Telephone: 616 030 280