High quality photo book program

Saal-digital photo book

Saal photo books have excellent paper quality.

Saal photo books have excellent paper quality.

I was recently given an opportunity to take part in a product review for Saal digital. I opted to create a photo book. Here are my impressions of the program and the quality of the book:

Pros and cons of Saal digital photo book:

Using the Saal program:  

The program itself is very easy to use and manage. A non-techy, non-computer savvy person wouldn’t have a problem with this program at all. The steps are easy to follow and not complicated. You could upload your photos from your computer. You could select one at a time, send an entire file or your whole photo gallery if you wanted.

My only complaint with the program was that I had to choose one of their preset templates. I would like more freedom or at least more options in how many photos per page and what size they should be.  

Lots of fun backgrounds and borders to choose from.

Lots of fun backgrounds and borders to choose from.

Other than my template complaint, I was happy with everything else in the program. The backgrounds were easy to add and had a lot of variety to choose from. You could change the colours, add designs, add borders of numerous sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

Quality of the finished product:

I am impressed with the finished product. I have sunset photos, bright coloured flowers, backlight photos and they all came out with the correct hues and lighting. The quality of the photos is excellent.

The quality of the paper is better than any I have ever used in any other photo book. The paper is more like a thin cardboard than actual paper. The book doesn’t lay perfectly flat, but almost, and there is no white space or separation crease where some of the photos run through the centre of the page.

Shipping time:

I have to confess that I can't give an exact time line of how long the photo book took to ship as I left for holidays the day after I ordered my book. I followed the initial tracking and from the time I ordered the book online until it was printed only took a couple of days. It was waiting for me when I got home, so I am guessing it all went well and came on time. 

Final thoughts

Would I use Saal again?  Yes, definitely. I am already preparing another book from my recent vacation and a couple of wall art hangings.

Want to use Saal-digital for a photo book or other digital printing? Head to the Saal-digital website and get started: www.saal-digital.co