How to stay connected to wifi while travelling

How to have guaranteed wifi connection while travelling

Staying connected while travelling is getting easier with pocket WIFI devices.

Staying connected while travelling is getting easier with pocket WIFI devices.

In our ever connected world it becomes more difficult to travel without being constantly connected or having wifi access.

Even in Spain, a European country with excellent telecommunications, there are many areas which leave you electronically stranded. In Madrid and Barcelona you will probably be able to find enough places with wifi to be able to check and send messages, or even update your google map if necessary. However, if you step out of these cities it is like stepping into an technological void.

Your hotel may advertise free WIFI, but this very possibly only applies to the lobby and once you get to your room you will discover that if you have any connection at all it is so poor that the best you will be able to do is send a text message or Whatsapp.

Small towns in Spain don’t offer free WIFI services anywhere and very few restaurants will offer the service to clients.

What is the solution?  

Buy a SIM Card for your phone

One option could be to buy a SIM card for your phone. This involves finding a stores that sells such a card once you get to Spain and hoping that the salesperson speaks English if you don’t yet speak Spanish. For more information on where to get a SIM card, see this article: Where to buy a SIM card

Rent a Pocket WIFI which connects 5 devices at once

A pocket WIFI company, called Teppy, provides a service that offers a digital hotspot that you can carry with you anywhere in Spain (or in the world for that matter).

You can connect up to 5 devices on one hotspot using a password that you are given for security, and vola, you now have WIFI similar to your wireless router at home.

If you are going on a short trip you can rent a Teppy. But if you are a frequent traveller and depend on WIFI for work you can actually buy your own pocket WIFI device.

For more information about Teppy, you can check out the website:

Let us know if you have found another solution to the WIFI issue while travelling.

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