6 Essential travel gadgets

Must have #1 gadget: Worldwide travel adapter

For the person who is always on the go and frequently travelling to different countries this is a must have. With this adapter you don’t have to take numerous different adapters or wonder what you might need in the next country you are heading to, this has it all in one place.

Must have #2 travel gadget: Bagsmart cable organizer

Still on the theme of electronics, now that you have the proper adapter for every country, you need something to organize all your cords and cables. How often are you getting ready to leave the hotel room and you get that panicky feeling “now where did I pack that tablet/phone/laptop cable?” With this case you will have all your cables together and organized leaving you to worry about other more important issues of your vacation.

Must have #3 must-have gadget: Infinity scarf with hidden interior zipper

This gem is functional—you can hide your money, or a credit card inside the hidden zipper—plus it is a fashionable addition to your outfit. You can’t get better than that.

Must-have #4 gadget: Travel Bottles

Keep all your liquids together in see through non-spilling bottles that are prepared to go through security. This set has a kit of ready-made bottles so you can quickly and effortlessly have your liquids prepared in your purse or hand luggage.

Must have #5 gadget: waterproof, anti-theft backpack

When travelling your backpack is your best friend for most of your trip— it is your hand luggage on the plane, carries your important documents, your laptop, tablet and camera equipment. You want to make sure the contents are safe. This laptop backpack is an anti-theft waterproof travel backpack with USB charging port and headphone interface. The backpack includes a theft proof combination lock and durable metal zippers, none of which a thief could easily open.

This also happens to be on sale right now. The usual price is $58, now on sale for $28.99

Must have #6 gadget: Hanging Toiletry Bag

This compact waterproof toiletry bag is the perfect solution for keeping all your makeup, creams, toothpaste and other toiletries organized and quickly available. When you are travelling you can close everything up into a compact neat bag that easily fits into your backpack or luggage. One you are at your hotel it is easy to hang on a hook or even a door handle to have everything together available when and where you need it.

Do you have any other travel gadgets you consider essential? Leave us a comment.

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