10 Most Romantic Get-Aways in Spain

Are you looking for a romantic vacation? Perhaps an off-the-beaten-track type of place that isn’t on most tourist radar? I have asked some of my fellow travellers where they would suggest to go for a romantic get-away and they came back with a number of unique options to go on with your loved one.

Romantic experience #1: Dinner at Meson Candido in Segovia

Romantic dinner overlooking the historic 2000-year-old aqueduct of Segovia

For settings, Segovia is hard to beat. And Talek Nantes takes it up a notch by taking us to a restaurant that is not only in Segovia, but is actually perched in the main square overlooking the aqueduct.

Dinner at Meson de Candido in Segovia takes top points in the romance department.

Dinner at Meson de Candido in Segovia takes top points in the romance department.

When creating a romantic moment, many factors contribute to the ideal environment. A dinner at Meson de Candido in Segovia, Spain, with the inspiring Roman aqueduct as a backdrop, is indeed romantic.

The restaurant itself was established in the early 1900s and refurbished in 1941 under guidelines created to preserve its historic significance.  Meson de Candido is situated in the main plaza, a wide square in the center of the city where no less than Queen Isabela of Castile was crowned Queen of Spain in 1474. The main square itself was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985.

Meson de Candido overlooks all this history from a structure that looks like a postcard straight from the Middle Ages.  The dining area is equally atmospheric with period furniture, fireplaces and decorative place settings.

The food at Meson de Candido is the real star of this historic location. House specialties feature game, venison, rabbit and duck. The roast suckling pig is an absolute delight!

An evening dinner at Meson de Candido, at dusk and by candlelight, in view of the Roman aqueduct which is lit up at night is the perfect romantic setting.  Add a bottle of fine Spanish wine to this and watch out!!

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Romantic Experience #2: Stroll hand in hand through the fairytale city of Toledo

It is hard not to fall in love all over again when you are walking through a fairyland type of city like Toledo. Kate Storm, from ourescapeclause.com, gives insight into this romantic city:

The fairytale city of Toledo is a perfect romantic destination.

The fairytale city of Toledo is a perfect romantic destination.

Home to a stunning 16th-century castle, defensive walls boasting turrets, and the winding Tagus River, Toledo is the absolute picture of a fairytale destination in Spain--it’s exactly the kind of city that everyone immediately pictures when imagining strolling hand-in-hand with their beloved through a historic city in Europe.
Toledo’s history is long and complicated, including a few centuries of being ruled by the Moors and a time of independence before it was eventually folded into the fabric of modern Spain. Toledo is proud of what it considers its historic tolerance between different religious groups, and as such, the city is positively overflowing with various (stunning) houses of worship.

When visiting the Toledo of today with your love, be sure to duck into a few of the houses of worship (the incredibly opulent interior of the Toledo Cathedral is particularly memorable), to admire remaining city gate of Puerta del Sol, to check out the 12th-century San Martin Bridge, and to be awestruck by the absolutely magnificent view of the city from the Mirador del Valle. Once you're finished, sit down for a romantic meal, crack open a bottle of Spanish wine, and enjoy a heaping pile of paella together.

If you’re so inclined, Toledo is also a fantastic place to purchase a sword (a remaining piece of its medieval heritage), and you’ll find shops selling swords ranging from children’s toys to priceless collectibles and everything in between throughout the city.

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Romantic Escape #3: A romantic hotel in the majestic city of Granada

Just being in the city of Granada is like heading into 1001 nights of Arabia during the Islamic Golden Age in Spain. It is hard not to get swept away by the romance of not only the Alhambra but all the other unique nooks and crannyies in Granada. Add to the charm of the city a stay in a historic boutique hotel and you may have a recipe for one of the most romantic places in Spain. Laura Hartley, write of Whats Hot Blog tells us what is so special about the Gar Anat hotel.

This boutique hotel, Gar Anat, takes inspiration from the Moorish design so common in Granada.

This boutique hotel, Gar Anat, takes inspiration from the Moorish design so common in Granada.

Gar Anat is a small boutique hotel in the heart of Granada in Southern Spain. The building dates back to the seventeenth century and the whimsical interiors couldn't be more romantic. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by a water fountain, columns and beautiful woodwork. The hotel takes inspiration from Moorish design and architecture and the interiors are breathtaking. The rooms and floors are designed around a central courtyard, leaving a huge open space to look up/down no matter which floor you're on.

What's more, Gar Anat is a literary hotel and each of the fifteen rooms is named after a significant Spanish author. This includes the infamous Lorca who was born just outside Granada. In each room you'll find an extract or a poem from the author after whom your room is named, which makes the experience all the special and personalised. Oh, and free tea and cake is served every day in the hotel's very own miniature library.

Check out this post for an in-depth Gar Anat Hotel review.

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Romantic Experience #4: Get pampered in a luxury hotel in the foothills of Sierra Navada

Think Granada is romantic—head 10 minutes out of town to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Lisa at rebellioustourist.com will give us the lowdown on where to stay.

Waking up to the views from the La Almunia del Valle make for a stunning experience.

Waking up to the views from the La Almunia del Valle make for a stunning experience.

Perched in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, outside the intoxicating city of Granada, La Almunia del Valle is inherently romantic. It’s only a 10-minute drive from the city, but its setting in the quiet village of Monachil and steep access road give the sense of a dreamy rural retreat.
We were literally welcomed with open arms. We’d barely stepped out of our car before two members of the hotel’s impeccably hospitable team trotted out to congratulate us – we were arriving from our wedding, and we’d chosen the Almunia for a weekend ‘minimoon’.

It was the perfect choice. Our room was luxurious but unpretentious. A wide terrace was ideal for lazy breakfasts in the sunshine, and the pool was gorgeous – if slightly chilly in May – with mountain views and an irresistible honesty bar. Best of all, dinners exceeded our foodie expectations: an extravagant set menu of locally sourced deliciousness.

But it’s not all indulgence, if you want to get active. There are excellent hiking trails on your doorstep (don’t miss the 2km trail to Los Cahorros gorge), and you can even go skiing in the winter – the Sierra Nevada Ski Station is less than an hour’s drive away.

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Romantic Escape # 5: Forget Barcelona—head to the romantic city of Girona

Taking the 90 minute drive north of Barcelona to Girona is worth it to get to the quieter paced, more romantic city of Girona. Laurence Norah, from findingtheuniverse.com even guides you to a romantic cafe in the old town.

Girona outdoor restaurant Le Bistrot.

Girona outdoor restaurant Le Bistrot.

The city of Girona, found around a ninety minute drive northeast of Barcelona in Spain's Catalonia region, is a wonderfully romantic destination. The old medieval town centre, which has parts dating from Roman times, is full of winding and narrow medieval cobbled streets.

One of my favourite spots in the city for a romantic time is at Cafe le Bistrot in the old town. This is found on the steps that lead up to the church of Sant Martí Sacosta, and the outdoor seating area is actually on the steps in the evenings. The candlelit tables overlooking the medieval old town are the perfect spot for a romantic meal for two, and my wife and I have always enjoyed the meals that we've had here.

As a fun fact, Game of Thrones lovers will also be intrigued to know that this was a filming location for season six of the show.

For those of you visiting Girona, see my guide to things to do in Girona for more inspiration on what to see!

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Romantic Experience #6: - Honeymoon worthy Cuenca

James Ian at Travel Collecting tells us that Cuenca is a romantic honeymoon spot—and who can argue—after all, even Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia took their honeymoon in Cuenca back in 2004.

The hanging houses of Cuenca.

The hanging houses of Cuenca.

Cuenca is a jumbled maze of narrow streets, medieval houses and churches perched atop a large outcrop with steep-sided gorges on both sides.  

It is, quite simply, spectacular.   

I spent part of my honeymoon here, staying in the Posada San Jose.  Down a narrow street, you are first greeted with enormous heavy wooden doors.  Inside is full of old world charm. The hotel sits right on the rim of the gorge, and our room had a balcony that looked out across the ravine to an old monastery (now the parador, an expensive hotel).  Sitting there together looking at an ancient building glowing golden in the late afternoon light was pure romance. Our room also had an enormous four-poster bed, wooden beamed ceiling and full-sized bathtub.  The perfect place for a honeymoon!

 Wandering the streets of Cuenca together, taking photos in the early morning light of the Casas Colgantes (Hanging Houses) that the town is most famous for, and sitting in an outdoor café in the Plaza Mayor for tapas and sangria was just perfect.

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Romantic Experience #7: The forgotten corner of Spain: Placencia

Often to find a romantic experience is simply getting out of the large city centre and discovering a smaller almost unknown area. Wendy Werneth from thenomadicvegan.com tells us about such a hidden spot in Spain: Placencia.


Plasencia is a hidden gem in the Extremadura region and is virtually unknown among foreign tourists. For a small town, Plasencia has plenty of imposing monumental architecture, including medieval walls, city gates, churches and monasteries.

And you can even sleep inside one of these architectural wonders! Plasencia has its own parador, which is a series of State-run luxury hotels located inside historic buildings throughout the country, such as palaces, fortresses and castles.

In this case, the Plasencia parador was once a 15th-century monastery. I'm sure the monks' cells were rather spartan back in the day, but they are very comfortable now.

The complex includes a beautiful garden, terrace, outdoor swimming pool and an atmospheric restaurant with walls covered in 16th-century painted tiles. If you want a relaxing, romantic getaway in a small town where you can experience the real Spain, away from the tourist crowds, then the parador in Plasencia is a fantastic choice.

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Romantic Experience #8: Cape Finisterre, Galicia

How much romantic can you get that heading to the “end of the world?” That is exactly where Finisterre Galicia is—a least according to people in ancient Rome. Alya and Campbell from Stingy Nomads explain what is so special about this area and especially the hotel even now.

Breathtaking scenery around Cape Finisterre in Galicia, Spain.

Breathtaking scenery around Cape Finisterre in Galicia, Spain.

Cape Finisterre in Galicia, Northern Spain is a great to come for a romantic holiday or weekend getaway.

In Roman Times people used to believe it was “the end of the known world”  which explains the name that can be translated from Latin as “end of the land”. Isn’t it an amazing place to come for a romantic getaway?!

The scenery around the cape is spectacular; dramatic rocky cliffs, pristine beaches and endless ocean line - a great place for a holiday especially in summer months.

The town Finisterre is just 3 km away there are many accommodation options and restaurants but the best place for a romantic stay is Hotel O Semaforo located right at the point of Cape Finisterre next to the lighthouse in fact it used to be a part of the lighthouse complex that was converted into a hotel. All rooms in the hotel offer ocean view.

There is a nice restaurant and a bar at the hotel where you can enjoy a romantic dinner or have a couple of glasses of Spanish wine with local seafood specialities. The best way to finish a perfect romantic day is to  watch the sunset from the cape.

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Romantic Experience #9— The Romantic medieval village of Albarracín

As my adopted country I am often disappointed to see some of the most amazing an beautiful places in Spain overlooked by tourists. Albarracín is one of those towns. Gábor Kovács from surfingtheplanet.com helps us to appreciate why this town oozes romance.

Medieval town, Albarracín will capture your heart when you visit.

Medieval town, Albarracín will capture your heart when you visit.

Spain is one of the most of the visited countries in the world, but Teruel Province, is quite underrated in spite of the amount beautiful villages and other natural sights you can find there.

Amongst the main places to visit in Teruel, Albarracín is probably one of the highlights, always listed in the Top 10 rankings of the most beautiful villages in Spain. This medieval village seems to have come out of a fairy tale with its atmosphere that transports you back to the Middle Ages.

Albarracín is found near the Guadalaviar River and is surrounded by medieval walls on one side. Strolling amongst its narrow streets and reddish tone buildings is such a romantic experience. You can’t miss out on St. Mary’s Church, the Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace. The lights are especially astonishing around sunset, and we recommend you to climb the walls build in the Muslim era for the best views.

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Romantic Experience #10: Hot air Balloon Ride

Saving the most unique experience for the last—a hot air balloon ride. Claudia Tavani, from Myadventuresacrosstheworld.com shares why she thinks this is one of the most romantic experiences in Spain.

Birds eye view floating over Garrotxa region of Spain.

Birds eye view floating over Garrotxa region of Spain.

One of the most romantic experiences in Spain is going on a hot air balloon ride in Garrotxa. This region of Catalonia is mostly volcanic and at the base of the Pyrenees, so seeing the landscape from above is an incredible experience.

Flights, which are organized by a reputable local company called Voll de Coloms, depart in time to see sunrise from just outside Santa Pau, one of the nicest medieval villages in the region. Some gondolas are so large they can hold up to 13 people, others are small and offer a more private and romantic experience. Once you are up in the sky, all you hear is the noise of the gas being propelled in the balloon on occasions, and the view is breathtaking. As the sun is up, you'll get to spot the villages, the parks, the volcanoes. All the while, you will be sipping chilled cava and nibbling on some local sweets.

It's an expensive experience, but it's worth every penny.

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We’d love to hear if you have more romantic places that you think deserve to be on this list. Leave your comments below.

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