5 Reasons to visit Arena de San Pedro

Inside the castle of Don Álvaro de Luna

Inside the castle of Don Álvaro de Luna

Arena de San Pedro seems like a town that you would drive through and be on your way, but it actually has a lot of interesting things to do in and around the town so make sure you take time to stop.

Castle of Arena de San Pedro

The Castle of Arena San Pedro was built in record time in the late 1300’s. It took only 30 years to build which was amazingly fast for the type of construction especially in that time period. This was accomplished by taxing the people in the village in a unique way. Not only were monetary taxes required, but anyone with a skill was required to offer their services as part of the tax. The palace got built in record time as a result but made for some interesting construction styles along the way.  

Don Luis de Borbon and Farnesio is a Neoclasic palace.

Don Luis de Borbon and Farnesio is a Neoclasic palace.

This Neoclasic palace is not available for tours, but it does often have expositions on the first floor. Check with the tourist office to see if there is an exposition on the day you are visiting.

Churches in Arena de San Pedro

There are three churches that you can visit in San Pedro: The gothic Parroquial Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion built in 14th century, the San Juan Bautista church which was a convent from the 15th-19th centuries, and the Santuario de San Pedro de Alcantara founded in 1561.

Historical town centre of Arena de San Pedro

The Nava and Canchal are old Arabic streets that conserve the original architecture of lime walls, overhanging balconies and small openings along the parephets.

The town centre also has a Jewish centre with its own architectural style.

Tourist information for Arenas de San Pedro

Telephone: 920 370 005

Facebook: @TurismoArenasdeSanPedro

Limestone Caves- Cuevas del Auigla

Nine km south of Arena de San Pedro is a collection of caves, called Cuevas del Aguila , that were formed by crystallized limestone.

The available guided tour that lasts about half an hour and takes you through some of the caverns and explains how these fascinating formations came about.

Information for touring Cuevas de Aguila:

Facebook: @cuevasdelaguila

Web:  cuevasdelaguila.com 
+34 920 37 71 07