Designer clothes and community service all in one package

I am always on the lookout for products that are authentically made in Spain. On my recent visit to Menorca, I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of products produced in Spain and even on the island. The tourist shops in the two main cities and even in the small villages weren’t jammed full of the usual tourist fare of cheesy dancing flamenco ladies and everything polka dot. Instead, I found shoes that are designed and produced on the island, clothing stores with tasteful clothes that are brands from Spain, as well as many gastronomic products such as wine and cheese.

Rei!te offers bright and fun designs

Rei!te offers bright and fun designs

The design story

One example was a store I came across in Cuitadella, called Rei!te. It caught my eye because of the cheerful fabric colours and fun designs. Later when I was able to speak to the shop’s owner, Elena Martín.  I discovered a fascinating story behind these lovely pieces of clothing.

This line of clothing is designed, created and produced in Teruel. The illustrator, Gene Martin, paints a picture and then writes a short story about each one. He then inverts the prints so what is on the fabric is the opposite of what he painted. Martin wants to encourage people to see the world from a different perspective, a happier more positive one.

Each of the pieces of clothing is handmade and unique pieces.

Elena Martín in Rei!te, Menorca

Elena Martín in Rei!te, Menorca

Clothing with a conscience

The idea of producing these designs is the brainchild of the Fundación Tervalis which is an NPO dedicated to providing work for women who have disabilities and would find it difficult to find other jobs.

At a time when we often hear about sweatshops in Asian countries and wonder where we can buy our clothes with a good conscience, Rei!te has a solution and is helping people right here in Spain.

When you buy clothes at Rei!te you are not only buying fun, colourful designs you are also contributing to the well-being of women who otherwise may not be able to work.

At the moment Rei!te has only one store in Spain, which is in Ciutadella in Menoraca. However, Rei!te is looking to expand to Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and the rest of Spain soon.  Rei!te's online store will be open in the next month or so as well. 

Rei!te Information:

Address: Placeta Roser, 5 Ciutadella

Instagram: @reiitemenorca