Saal photo print review

My photo on the wall thanks to Saal.

My photo on the wall thanks to Saal.


If you are anything like me when you get home from a trip you are excited about going through the photos of your vacation. Usually, I simply make a photo book. But there are times when I take a photo thinking about how it would look on the wall in my house. However, I have often printed off a photo only to be disappointed by the quality that I end up with.

I was invited by Saal Digital to try one of their photo products.

User Friendly

Saal Digital is easy to access and download. Once in the program, I set out to order my print. I selected a 40cm x 40cm Alu-Dibond for my print.

I can honestly say that everything about the Saal experience is exceptional. Ordering was a breeze—very few steps and easy to follow even for someone who isn’t a techy.

Shipping time

I actually expected the print to take longer to arrive, but it took less than a week from the day that I ordered The order only took a week to arrive and the print was excellent quality.

Quality of the finished product:

I was very impressed that all the colours and details of the photo were the same as when it was on my computer. So often quality gets lost once something is printed, but in this case, it looked the same.

I actually loved the photo so much that I ordered a 2nd one so that I could two of similar style and size on my wall.



My two photos by Saal on my wall.

My two photos by Saal on my wall.

I would recommend using Saal for any of their products. Besides my prints, I also ordered a photo book each experience had the same level of excellence.

The only glitch I can think of is that the shipping costs to send to North America are rather high, but for anyone in Europe Saal is an exceptional option.

Want to use Saal-digital for a photo book or other digital printing? Head to the Saal-digital website and get started: