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Visiting Spain isn’t just about visiting monuments, castles, Roman ruins and the beaches. A large part of the culture in Spain revolves around the food. There are more restaurants and bars per capita than any other European country and I would venture to say more than any country in the world. There is a bar/restaurant for every 132 people. Just as a note: it is difficult to distinguish the line between bars and restaurants. A bar is often just a smaller version of a restaurant, but isn’t a place that serves only alcohol—it is where you stop for a morning coffee, where you take your kids for a quick snack, where workers go to get a homemade lunch,  and where you meet with friends for a beer and tapa after work.  Even in the smallest remote village—that has only 4 houses and a resident cat—will have a bar.

 Spanish ham—the pride and joy of Spanish cuisine. Photo courtesy LaTienda

Spanish ham—the pride and joy of Spanish cuisine. Photo courtesy LaTienda

It is often in these small mom and pop run restaurants that you will get some of the most authentic home-made food. The chef/owner/waiter will use his grannies recipe and fresh ingredients from his local farm to make a dish that you will remember for the rest of your life.

 Photo courtesy LaTienda

Photo courtesy LaTienda

After being in Spain for days or weeks many visitors want to take some of these tastes home with them but run into the problem of how to pack certain items in a suitcase either due to size, weight restrictions or simply worrying about spills or bumps along the way. Not to mention that many items aren’t allowed through customs such as chorizo and most cheese.

The solution?  I found a wonderful online store that specializes in gourmet products from Spain.  It is called LaTienda. From LaTienda you can order your favourite products such as olive oil, chorizo, olives, cheese,  Iberian ham and 100’s of other products.

 Impress your friends and family with a homemade paella. Photo courtesy LaTienda

Impress your friends and family with a homemade paella. Photo courtesy LaTienda

One of my favourite product ideas I saw on LaTienda is the Paella de Marisco The kit comes complete with the ingredients, and the pan designed especially to make Paella.


The Harris family shares their love of Spain through LaTienda

LaTienda is a family run business that was started after the Harris family had lived a number of years in Spain. I chatted with Jonathan Harris, who runs La Tienda together with his brother Tim, to find out a bit more about this online operation.

Jonathan said that LaTienda started because the family lived in Spain when his father was stationed as the Chaplain to the American base in Rota in the 1970’s. As often happens to foreigners who come to Spain, the whole family fell in love with the country.

Jonathan said, “We fell in love with the culture of Spain and visited many times over the years.”

When they went back to the States for good, Jonathan’s father opened LaTienda from his basement in 1996. Jonathan said, “We decided to share our love for Spain with customers in the United States at a time when Spanish cuisine was not well known.”

Since 1996 Americans have learned more about Spanish cuisine, so much so, that LaTienda is now the largest e-commerce source for gourmet Spanish food offering nearly 1000 products.

How do fresh products get shipped?

LaTienda now ships across the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Curious about how many of their fresh products arrive to customers I asked Jonathan how this is possible. He told me that LaTienda ships most of its products directly from Spain and perishable items are packed in coolers with ice packs to ensure that they arrive in top condition.

LaTienda doesn't offer just food, but numerous other products as well from ceramics to cookware and tableware to bath items. 

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