What are Madrid's most authentic tapas?


You probably have never read anything about Spain without hearing about tapas. Tapas are Spain’s solution to snacks, appetizers, supper or morning tummy rumble. Tapas at their best when you are sitting in an outdoor terrace with the warm sun on your face, a cold beer in hand and some snacks to fill that hollow feeling.

The tastiest tapas in Spain are in the north, specifically in the Basque Country, but you can get tapas anywhere in Spain.

Eat a hot Calamari sandwich in the Plaza Mayor

Like with other dishes in Spain, each area has its own speciality. In Madrid, the two authentic gastronomic tapas are calamari sandwiches or patatas bravas. Calamari sandwiches (or fried squid sandwiches) were something that I wasn’t excited about trying, however, they have grown on me—especially in cold weather. Steaming hot calamari, coated in flour and fried are then placed in the baguettes with mayonnaise sauce.

You can get a calamari sandwich in any restaurant in and around the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. They range in price from 3 Euros up to 6 Euros.

Madrid is the home to Patatas Bravas

Patatas bravas are a famous tapa from Madrid

Patatas bravas are a famous tapa from Madrid

Although you can get Patatas Bravas throughout Spain, its birthplace is in Madrid. I love this humble tapa for its simplicity. Little potato pieces, boiled or fried and then covered in a slightly tangy tomato sauce. The cousin version of the Bravas is called Patatas con Ali Oli which is the same thing but with a creamy garlic sauce. There are entire tapa bars dedicated to patatas bravas, but you can get these guys in almost any bar in Madrid.